Fellowship Family Meeting

Join us for the Congregational Meeting and Dessert.

Join Us on October 16

Discover what's happening and where we're headed.

Being a part of a local church is like being a part of a family - the love, care, and support you receive from being a part of a Christ-centered community is meant to resemble relationships with loved ones in your home. And just as a family, there are times we need to get together as a local body to discuss important matters of the church. We hold special "family meetings" like this twice a year, where you can hear vision, news, updates, and stories of what God is doing at FBC, all while fellowshipping with others in our church family before and after the meeting.

Our next family meeting will happen on Sunday, October 16, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the Main Auditorium.  After the meeting, stay for dessert and fellowship.  

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