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September 11, 2022 through November 27, 2022

At 9:00 AM

Living on Mission
Room 2-1; Instructor:  Scott Santmier
The most unreached people-group in the world are the ones next door. Missions doesn’t begin across an ocean or on the other side of the world, according to Acts 1:8, it starts across the street. The primary mission field for most of us is not far away, it’s in the routine of our daily lives, in the places that we live, work and play. God doesn’t save us to be passive spectators. He saves us and then sends us out into the world to live lives that look remarkably like Jesus, all the while looking for opportunities to speak of His grace. Each of us is called to play a part in God’s mission of reconciliation — to the people we meet every day. We are called to Live on Mission. This interactive class is designed to give you practical tools to help you live out the gospel in the context of your everyday life.

The Coming Kingdom of God: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Matthew’s Gospel
Room 2-2 a/b; Instructors: Bo Spires and Greg Perkins
Have you every messed up and wondered, “What now?” Have you ever messed up so badly that you thought it was impossible God could use it for any good? Now, imagine you are a brand-new, 1st century, Jewish Christian that realizes you belong to the nation that just crucified the Messiah. You think, “Our King has been rejected by us again and this time we even crucified Him! How will this ever be overcome?” And then the ultimate question comes to mind, “Has He rejected us too?”

Join us over these next two semesters as we embark on an in-depth study of the Gospel of Matthew. This study will take us on a journey of several highs and lows. It will be a story of friendship, grace, heartache, and betrayal. We will see how Jesus fulfills the Messianic portrait painted in the Old Testament. But ultimately, we will see through the eyes of a Jewish tax collector how God will take the worst event in human history and use it to bring in the future Kingdom of God.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDINGS OF THIS CLASS.

The Supremacy of Grace
Room 2-3; Instructor:  Scott McManigle
For achieving accurate Bible interpretation, we all know the importance of context. Every verse is in the context of a chapter, and every chapter in the context of a book, but that’s often about as broad as people go in their context. 2 Timothy 1:9 shows us that there is a much broader context that must be factored into our perspective of the content of every book. Before the foundations of the earth, God predetermined the eternal plan of redemption that would be centered in or fulfilled by Christ, and that would be on the basis of “grace” (God giving mankind what he doesn’t deserve). God’s creation of that plan, preparation for its fulfillment, its actual fulfillment, and it’s ensuing results provide that “grand story” in which very book of the Bible finds its ultimate context.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDINGS OF THIS CLASS.

At 10:45 AM

1 Corinthians
Room 2-1; Instructors:  Ron Scicluna and Tim Oakleaf
Is it necessary for pastors and teachers to re-present the gospel to believers?  Well Paul thought so. Although Paul brought many to faith during his first trip to Corinth, the true and complete meaning of their salvation did not fully register with most of them.  Their identity remained in their old selves and not in Christ’s atonement on the cross (i.e. Christ crucified).  Paul expresses it this way:  For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.    1 Corinthians 1:22-25.  Why did the church of God in Corinth lack unity?  Why does the church of God across this world and this country and this state and this city lack unity?  The issues addressed by Paul in this first letter to the Corinthians are amazingly similar to the issues faced by the church today – sin, pride, disunity, false gospels, and confused identities. Paul exhorts the Corinthians in a clear and loving way to follow Jesus in a fallen world.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDINGS OF THIS CLASS.

Christian Caregiving: A Way of Life
Room 2-2 a/b; Instructor:  Dave Compton
This is a twelve-week study designed for those who want to be better equipped to minister to those experiencing some of life’s struggles.  How can we minister in meaningful ways to those experiencing the loss of a loved one, health conditions, unexpected job loss, family struggles, or similar events?  What does Christian caregiving look like?  This class will include discussion and role-playing—all designed to improve the student’s caregiving skills.  Everyone can benefit from this class, and we hope you will join us!

Workshop: Finding the Hidden Treasure in the Old Testament

September 10, 2022

Sep 17, 24 & Oct 1 - optional attendance - for extra practice using the Blue Letter Bible

Instructor:  Christy Voelkel, Room 2-2,  9:00 AM - Noon

Join us for a series of three-hour workshops as we dig deeply into the picture words of the Old Testament Hebrew to reveal some startling foundations for New Testament teachings. This workshop will equip you with the tools and techniques for deeper Bible study, using the concordance and lexicon features on the BlueLetterBible website, as well as some practical exercises to improve your skills in observing and interpreting the biblical text. The workshop will continue for three additional Saturdays for those who wish to practice using homework assignments or simply ask questions. Open to men and women. Bring a laptop, ipad, or any device that can access a browser (mobiles aren’t ideal).

Let us know if you have any questions.

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