Global Prayer

Up-to-date, relevant prayer requests from our friends around the world.

March 2024


Augustine & Rethinam A.

  • The families that are having personal and family problems due to their unavailability to the church and discipleship meetings.
  • The young people to grow as young leaders.
  • Mrs. Asha (high diabetic), Mrs. Jeeva who do not have children for many years.
  • Nearby villages to our church such as K, C and T to be reached with the gospel of Christ.
  • The Church leadership (Elders and Deacons) to be trained and appointed soon.
  • God’s grace for me to write books to teach the message of grace to people.
  • Our family members to respond to the gospel and become part of God’s family.
  • Our daughters’ studies, especially for our middle daughter to complete her 11th and 12th grade successfully.
  • God’s wisdom and further guidance for our first one oldest as she finishes her under-graduate degree in few months’ time.
  • Some severe family problems are going on in both of our siblings’ families back in home town. Pray that they will know Christ as the Savior and true peace.
 Reuben and Pinky S

Thank you for your continuous remembrance of us and prayers for us. God’s grace and mercy continues to be our encourager, sustainer and protector. We have had difficult moments in the ministry due to the civil war between two ethnic groups: the Kukis (Christians) and Meiteis (Non-Christians). The war is still going on but God who is in control of everything is allowing us to fellowship together as a Church and carry on the ministry.
Prayer requests:
  • Pray for the Church as we have started the ‘Knowing God Lessons’ all over again. We have two groups – the adult group and the children group. Pray that we will know God closely and have deeper relationship with Him as difficult days are ahead.
  • Pray for the 6 (Six) children at the Grace Children Home – their physical, mental and spiritual health. Their studies are going on well. This year we have two girls and 4 boys:
    • Vahboineng (Girl) – 6 years - LKG
    • Lhinghoithem (Girl) – 8 years – Class II
    • Kamminlen (Boy) – 11 years - Class VI
    • Lalgouhao (Boy) – 10 years Class IV
    • Lamboithang (Boy) – 6 years – Class I
    • Patrus Budathoki (Boy) – 9 years – Class II
  • Pray for the smooth functioning of the School. In the past years we had faced challenges due to corona. And now we have to tackle challenges because of the civil war. There are frequent bandhs and blockades. Sometimes schools are asked to close down for a day or two. However, because of God’s grace we are safe and protected.
  • Pray for Gracy (my daughter) and children from our Church: Akrity, Arman, Asha, as they will be apprearing Board Exam starting from 15th March.
  • Thank the Lord for His providence through the support of FBC. We could do coloring work of the school; renovate rest room of the children, construct retaining wall which otherwise would have effected Children Home during monsoon.
  • Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, remembrance and support. Pray for the Churches in Manipur so that we may grow and rely on God’s grace no matter whatever the situation is.

Man P.

First of all greetings to all FBC friends from our side.
We thank God for the difficulty situation, its been 10 months we are safe here, thank you for the prayer.
I hope this war will end one day.
My prayer requests:
  • The bad situation of Manipur (war between two tribes) prayer for peace .
  • Personal prayer request for my physical health as my both knees are not working properly.
  • My eldest son Prakash went for searching job in Delhi but couldn't get, its been 2 months he is staying without job, his family is with us, he is struggling a lot there.
  • My eldest daughter Daya also completed but couldn't get any job but working as tutor.
  • My second son working in Bangalore in a hotel as far as he is doing a great job there everyone is happy with his job. As now he is doing his college after finishing college, he wanted to go to Bible college also.
  • My youngest son finish 10th class and staying with us.
  • I hope my children believe and growing in Him.
  • As of our church some families have shifted to other places due to the situation of our state Manipur.
  • We have a prayer request we have small plot of land in Siliguri we want to make a small home,as there is a demand of teaching, recently I went there for three days and I saw they were interested.
  • If the situation in Manipur will be normal, Reuben and I planning to do a Bible study in April.
  • This 3rd week of march Ps. Surja Tamang invited me for the Church dedication in Assam, and Im going there.
Thank you very much for prayer support, love and continuous prayer. Once again I humbly thanks to all FBC friends.

Saji A

  • Pray for all the members and leaders of our church to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and Grace Bible Church to grow to become a model church in Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Pray for the blessings of Hindi speaking church service, Hearing impaired church service and Grace Bible Training Center classes taking place in the Hosur Bible Church.
  • Pray for the members of our church to be an effective witness of Christ in their family, among their relatives and friends and bring many to Christ and to the Church.
  • Pray for our church members, unbelieving family members to come to Christ.
  • Pray for the effectiveness of our discipleship group meetings, Family Fellowship Group meetings (community groups), Monthly House to house prayer meetings, Men’s Wednesday morning prayer, Men's third Wednesday evening prayer and the small group meetings happening on Sundays after service like Children's Sunday school, youth meeting, men's meeting and women's meeting.
  • Pray for the safety and blessing of our Sunday School Children's retreat on 9th March 2024,
  • Pray that God will lead many to Baptism on Easter, 31st March 2024.

Stephen G

Looking forward to visiting with FBC on May 19.  Thank you for praying for us.  Please remember these needs:
  • Pray for our approval to start construction for the Arts and Science College.  It has been delayed for several months now and we are praying that the Lord provide this permit soon.
  • Pray for us to find good doctors for our hospital as we are short staffed.
  • Pray for our Autism center to find new therapists.
  • Pray for the Bible department in our school to find new Bible teachers.
  • Pray for the seminary graduates who are about to graduate in two months.
Thanks again.  Blessings.