Making Sense of Suffering

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All of us have experienced, in some degree or another, the pain and agony of living in a fallen world. Maybe that pain is due to our own sinful choices; maybe we just woke up one day and were broad-sided by the harsh reality of undeserved affliction. But the pain is real and it may even test our faith. So when we find ourselves in life situations where "everything is falling apart" how do we make sense of it all? Our hope is that by turning to God's Word we will gain crucial perspectives and truths that will guide us as we face the inevitable challenges of life.

Below are resources that we believe will be encouraging and beneficial as we face life's challenges.

Sermon Series:
Click this image to listen to our sermon series: When Everything Falls Apart; Making Sense of Suffering. /files/Multimedia Center Files/Images/multimedia-mp3.jpg /files/Images/Single_pixel.jpg Click this image to view our sermon series: When Everything Falls Apart; Making Sense of Suffering. /files/Multimedia Center Files/Images/multimedia-movie.jpg

Personal Stories:


Joni Eareckson Tada, the founder and CEO of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, is an international advocate for people with disabilities.

A diving accident in 1967 left Joni, then 17, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, unable to use her hands. After two years of rehabilitation, she emerged with new skills and a fresh determination to help others in similar situations. Her best selling autobiography Joni and the feature film of the same name have been translated into many languages.

Click the image above to view Joni speaking on the subject of suffering at a Dallas Theological Seminary chapel service.
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Dr. Josef Tson was the pastor of the largest Baptist church in communist Romania until he was exiled in 1981. He came to America and was appointed the president of the Romanian Missionary Society.

After the fall of communism he returned to Romania and founded the Oradea Bible Institute to train pastors and leaders in Romania; established a Christian publishing company; started the Christian Radio Voice of the Gospel in Romania. His book Suffering, Martyrdom and Rewards in Heaven is born out of his own experiences of suffering.

Click the image above to hear Dr. Tson deliver his sermon titled "Suffering: The Highest Honor"


Recommended Reading:


/files/Images/book covers/Sovereign-and-suffering-David-Jeremiah.jpg The Sovereign and the Suffering by David Jeremiah /files/Images/book covers/Sovereignty-Suffering-John-Piper.jpg Suffering and the Sovereignty of God edited by John Piper /files/Images/book covers/Shattered-Dreams-Larry-Crab.jpg Shattered Dreams by Larry Crabb /files/Images/book covers/If-God-Is-Good-Randy-Alcorn.jpg If God is Good by Randy Alcorn
/files/Images/book covers/The-Goodness-of-God-Randy-Alcorn.jpg The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn /files/Images/book covers/When-God-Weeps-Joni.jpg When God Weeps by Joni Eareckson Tada /files/Images/book covers/When-God-Breaks-Your-Heart-Underwood.jpg When God Breaks Your Heart: Choosing Hope in the Midst of Faith-Shattering Circumstances by Ed Underwood

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